Groundbreaking education investment program coming to Walt Disney World Resort Cast Members

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LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. Aug. 22, 2018—The Walt Disney Company is proud to introduce a groundbreaking new education investment program—all to help make its Cast Members’ education and career dreams come true. With an initial investment of $50 million, this comprehensive program will make it easier for eligible Walt Disney World Resort hourly Cast Members and employees to pursue their passions and control their futures.


Disney Aspire—the new program—is unlike any other. With Disney Aspire, 100 percent of Cast Members’ tuition will be paid by the company up front. To make learning accessible and easy, a variety of online educational courses will be offered across a network of schools—including multiple education and degree options, vocational training, high school equivalency and more. From the moment Cast Members apply to the time they graduate, individual coaching will be available to them every step of the way. Disney Aspire will continually evolve and expand as new programs, schools, classes and other features are added over time.


In addition to offering a wide variety of educational opportunities, Disney Aspire truly comes with no strings attached because Cast Members and employees are not required to pursue a particular path of study that relates to their current role at Disney. This unique program is built with working adults in mind and puts their aspirations within reach, enabling Cast Members and employees to learn, grow, and ultimately soar—personally and professionally.


Beyond the initial investment of $50 million, the program will have an ongoing annual funding of up to $25 million. This groundbreaking education investment program is available to all eligible US-based regular full-time and regular part-time hourly Disney Cast Members and employees.